Garden PartiesThe perfect feast prepared especially for you

Through our large network of farmers, wild foragers and food producers who provide us with our amazing produce, we are able to conjure up great feasts to remember for your family gathering, birthday party, wedding and everything in between.

Our garden parties are the talk of the counties

Sensational barbecues and cocktail parties in your very own garden. Whether it’s afternoon tea, Pimms and cocktails on the lawn, there's nothing more quintessentially British.

Of all the aroma’s that outdoor eating produces, there is nothing more evocative of cherished childhood memories, and as liberating than the satiating smell of delicious meats popping, fizzing and sizzling on a charcoal BBQ during the summer.

Winter Times

But let’s not forget the winter months- yes winter in the garden, spiced up and warmed up with a delicious and scintillatingly scrumptious hog roast and mulled wine. Whatever the season, we can cook up a luxurious BBQ, served alongside a wide selection of our International classic and innovative cocktails, a seamless service and a garden party that takes its chef's hat off to a quality and an unforgettable experience.

Let us kick up a storm, from hog roasts, venison, wild game and much more – straight from the farm, cooked beautifully and served al-fresco (or any way you want it).

There's nothing that compares to enjoying a shared platter with the people you care about.

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